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Clinical Red Teaming

A discussion of Red Teaming and its possible application to clinical medicine. The music is a flute and sax solo I played live with Green Eggs and Sam on the Dave Matthews Tune #41. Thanks for listening and have a Happy Holiday. JY.

Risk Assessment and Aggressiveness

Discussion of risk assessment and aggressiveness. Also an audio clip from a live performance by me on tenor and Green Eggs and Sam at Trax with Ken Leone on vocals from 10 years ago. Some sax work I’m most proud of. Thanks for listening. JY

Critical Care – Neuro

Discussion of neurologic issues in ICU, mostly focusing on head injury. Thanks for listening.


Template for ICU presentations

A great UVA medical student, Ellie Sharp, came up with a template for students and residents to use for ICU presentations. I am including it here. Thanks, Ellie.


EAS ICU Presentations Dr. Young

Critical Care – Respiratory Failure and Ventilators

Beginning discussion of respiratory failure and ventilator management. An original tune I wrote and performed a few years ago at the beginning. Thanks for listening. JY

Critical Care Initial Assessment

First in a series of podcasts about Critical Care. Thanks for listening. JY

How To Get The Most Out of Scenario Training

Almost all agencies use scenario training. But this training can lead to training scars that impair real life performance. This is a discussion of how to get the most from this type of training.

Also an original song I wrote and performed bookending the podcast. Thanks for listening. JY

The No Win Situation

A presentation of handling a case where nothing works. Keeping your cool and thinking clearly in these situations is vital. Thanks for listening. JY

The Path of the Multiple Trauma Patient: 911 Call to ICU

A description of the steps in the care of multiple trauma. Thanks for listening. JY

Introduction to Performance Improvement

This is a basic introduction to the principles of performance improvement. This is relevant for every hospital, fire department, and EMS agency. Thanks for listening