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Critical Care Podcasts

As July 1 approaches I went ahead and put a group of useful critical care related podcasts on their own page. Go to top of this page under picture and click on “Critical Care Podcasts”. Hope you find them useful. JY.

Top Knife and other things

If youre a surgery resident and haven’t read the book “Top Knife” You need to. I’m a little embarrassed I haven’t read it prior to now.

It is an amazing “textbook”. Its especially amazing to me in that it describes my thought processes when dealing with major trauma almost exactly. It supports my theory that while making surgeons may resemble making sausage, it’s amazing what a consistent product we turn out. The crucible of patient care and surgical training does a great job of creating safe thought processes and actions.

Ileus and SBO Strategies

Discussion of ileus and SBO. More general surgery topics coming

MCIs and Disasters

Further discussion of handling MCIs and preparation for disasters. Happy Holidays. JY

Discussion of MCI from Alt Right Rally

My first hand description of our preparation and process that helped us manage the MCI this past Saturday. I want to thank everyone for their professionalism, knowledge, and skills that helped us manage this incident. JY

Kobiyashi Maru (for the Star Trek fans)

I present a no-win scenario. No matter what you do the patient is going to get sicker. Spans the time from 911 call to the ICU. Guest spot from Chewbacca and music from an album I made in the 90’s. Thanks for listening. JY

Introduction to Patient Safety

Part 1 of a discussion of patient safety. Thanks for listening. JY

Obtaining Proficiency in Low Frequency High Stress Situations

Discussion of the positives and negatives of experience, and the various tools to use to gain clinical proficiency when actual clinical experience is lacking. A tune I wrote and recorded at the beginning and end. Thanks for listening.

Situational Decision Making: Chest-Pelvis-Head

Sorry its been so long. I will do new podcasts talking about complex ICU and trauma clinical situations and my algorithms and beliefs on how you should handle them. Me on sax trying to do justice to My One and Only Love. Happy New Year!


For several months I’ve been putting together a book on how to run a trauma center. I have created a new website where I will post writings on trauma center operations, PI, site visit preparation, etc. For those of you working in trauma centers, I hope that you will visit the site.