Medical Malpractice Process Part 1

Discussion of initial aspects of a medical malpractice case. Part 2 next week. Thanks for listening. JY

Ileus and SBO

A discussion of ileus and SBO. Thanks for listening. JY


Discussion on new (not really) concepts in spinal immobilization and our perspective on it. Thanks for listening. JY

Hierarchies in Medicine and Surgery

A discussion of the key role hierarchies play in high risk fields. Thanks for listening. JY

Being a great student

My advice on how to stand out as a student in any medical area. Thanks for listening. JY

Is Avionics the Right Model for Medical Decision Processes?

I discuss whether Avionics and Cockpit management are really the best model for MDM. Thanks for listening. JY


Order and Disorder

Discussion of the effects of disorder in clinical situations and the importance of bringing order and decreasing entropy to any critical situation.


Presenting Patients

`A discussion of how we should adapt how we present patient in the age of the EMR.


The Helicopter

A rant on the delays in activating and launching aeromedical support. In systems where launch is delayed, it is self fulfilling that you will be twiddling your thumbs waiting for the chopper with a dying patient, which makes you very unhappy. But this does not mean the helicopter is the problem, it is your system that is the problem. Thanks


Change in Podcast Format (after all, it’s been four years)

After 110 podcasts and 57,000 downloads, I think it’s time for a change in format. Loyal listeners have noticed a drop in my productivity. This is mostly due to the fact that it is tough to think of something to talk about for 25-30 minutes, that we have not already discussed, and that I can stand talking about again.
So I am going to decrease the duration of the podcasts, and increase their frequency. The podcasts will less often be about global topics (resuscitation, respiratory failure, etc.) and will be about cases or incidents that I have lived through (possibly recently) that I feel can be instructive to the listeners. I would like to spend some time talking about the decision making, and the psychology of evaluating situations and coming up with solutions, rather than telling you things you can read on Wikipedia. I will also talk about situations and incidents that have come to bother me, and where I think we can do better.
Hope you find it worthwhile to listen to. The podcasts will be as long as it takes for me to get the point across, may be 5 minutes (bathroom break) or 20 minutes (ride into work).
Thanks for listening.