EMS and Medical Education

A discussion of the similarities and differences between the way we train paramedics and physicians. A little sax from me and Jeff Todd on a Spyro Gyra Tunes. Thanks for listening. JY

The Concept of Standard Work

I talk about Standard Work, and how to create processes to do things the right way every time, no matter who is doing it. Not as exciting as talking about bloody trauma patients, but a necessary discussion in this day and age. Thanks for listening, JY.

Clinical Stories – Blood On The Highway

Description of a major auto crash and severely head injured patient. Also a discussion of the ethics of resuscitating trauma patients as organ donors. Some tape of a live performance I did of Just The Way You Are from a few years ago. Thanks for listening. JY

Clinical Stories – Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

Story of a patient whose clinical story lead one way, but whose data told a different story. Also, a little Charlie Parker Quintet recreation from Supersax I did doing all the sax parts myself over the break. Thanks for listening. JY

Clinical Stories – Bleeding to Death

New type of podcast where I describe a clinical situation I have been in and what has gone through my mind as I’ve dealt with it. This is the case of a post-op patient with life-threatening hemorrhage. Hope you find it interesting. Some flute work on a Pat Metheny tune. Happy Holidays. JY

Problem and Context Based Patient Presentations

Further elaboration and examples of problem based and context oriented patient presentations. Also, “Reflections” from the album I made with Tom Jolly in the 1990’s. Thanks for listening. JY

Medical Aspects of Vehicle Rescue

Lecture I gave at local EMS class on medical considerations of vehicle rescue. Sorry for the long delay between podcasts. Thanks for listening. JY

Critical Care: Surveillance is key

A discussion of critical care and the importance of a surveillance strategy for each organ system and for your daily work. Thanks for listening. JY

ICU Presentations Redux

I ask all my residents and students to listen to this presentation before they start my ICU rotation. I think its not only useful for MDs, but for medics as well. while it wont help those who are told to present in a very proscribed manner, I think it will help you organize your own thoughts and priorities when caring for critically ill patients.

Backboards and the Law of Rare Events

Discussion of the recent ideas toward decreasing backboarding, and some discussion of how to initiate and maintain change in EMS and medicine. Thanks for listening. JY