Backboards and the Law of Rare Events

Discussion of the recent ideas toward decreasing backboarding, and some discussion of how to initiate and maintain change in EMS and medicine. Thanks for listening. JY

War Game Cases

A variety of cases presented in the war game format. Airway issues, lung issues, AMI, and the agitated trauma patient. Thanks for listening. JY

The Crashing Patient

Podcast from a few years ago you cant get on iTunes anymore that I think is worth listening to. Hope you find it useful. Thanks for listening. JY

Reality Check Simulations

Discussion of using simulation to prepare your people for those situations which are not what they initially appear to be. Massive hemorrhage, sepsis, and respiratory arrest in the seemingly innocuous situation are discussed. Thanks for listening.




Discussion of command in medical situations and its relation to other command disciplines. Also part of a live recording of Jeepers Creepers by Dotsero from the band Nightbreeze I was in with Tom Jolly in NC for several years. Hope you enjoy both. JY


Sorry all. As many may know I had a 2 level ACDF of my cervical spine a month ago and have just gone back on service and its been busy. I will get a podcast out this weekend when I’m on call. Thanks for sticking with the site.


Preventing Airway Catastrophies

Discussion on how to keep out of trouble. Thanks for listening. JY


While I continue to recover from my neck surgery, a podcast from early 2012 on airway issues. A little bit of an original song I wrote and recorded at home called “Leigh” for my daughter. Thanks for listening. JY

Not accurately detecting the true state of the patient

I talk about misperception of the patient’s true clinical state and how that is a significant cause of medical error. Also discussed are some strategies to avoid this problem.

Discussion with Ken Lipshy MD on Crisis Management

Ken Lipshy, MD, author of the book “Crisis Management Leadership” discusses the book and the concepts to control performance during a crisis. Thanks for listening. JY