Surgical Decision Making: Abdominal Emergencies in the ICU

I’m baaack!. Been a few years. I am starting a series of podcasts on critical decision making for general surgeons and intensivists. The podcast would be useful to anyone who is trying to figure out how surgeons minds work when they are asked to come to the ICU to evaluate a patient who may need surgery. 

High Intensity- High Risk Clinical Situations in the Hospital

Trauma Center Performance Improvement

My second book “Trauma Center Performance Improvement” is available online today and print edition will be at Amazon soon. First book has sold 3,400 digital copies as of today.

Care of the Hyper-Urgent Trauma Patient

What to do with the trauma patient who requires rapid, critical decisions and actions.

The First 30 Minutes of Care of the Critically Ill Trauma Patient

The First Five Minutes of the Trauma Resuscitation

The Trauma Activation process at UVA

Activation processes vary at trauma centers. This is a review of the process at UVA.

Key Components of Care of the Trauma Patient

Second podcast in orientation series

Introduction to Trauma Care at UVA

This is the first of a series of podcasts to orient our own PGY-1s to trauma care at our Level 1 Trauma Center. This is necessary due to Covid and the postponement of most ATLS courses. I am posting this in the hopes it will be of use to all listeners.

Trauma Centers: A Quick Guide by Jeffrey Young

My book “Trauma Centers: A Quick Guide” is now available at the Springer Verlag website at
The paperback will be available on 2-20-20.
I tried to put on paper the important things I learned running a Level 1 trauma center for 25 years, and what I learned doing over 175 trauma center site visits. Hope you’ll consider reading it. It is also available at Amazon as an ebook to rent or buy