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Trauma Centers: A Quick Guide by Jeffrey Young

My book “Trauma Centers: A Quick Guide” is now available at the Springer Verlag website at
The paperback will be available on 2-20-20.
I tried to put on paper the important things I learned running a Level 1 trauma center for 25 years, and what I learned doing over 175 trauma center site visits. Hope you’ll consider reading it. It is also available at Amazon as an ebook to rent or buy

Trauma Centers: A Quick Guide launching 2/20/20!

My new book Trauma Centers: A Quick Guide is being released on February 20 by Springer Verlag. It discusses all the issues regarding trauma center management, performance improvement, and preparing for a site visit. There is also useful information regarding the types of critical patients that trauma centers care for and what is necessary to provide optimal care. This will be of interest for anyone who works in a trauma center, and hospitals considering becoming a designated center. Ill post the link when it is released.

Second and Third Years of Residency

Discussion of the trial and tribulations of moving from intern to team leader and consultant. 

Student Medical Decision Making Lecture

PGY-1 Part 2

A further discussion of the trials and tribulations you will face as a PGY-1 with more focus on procedures and surgical technique.

PGY-1 Part 1

I am starting a series of podcasts on the stages of residency and how to succeed during those years. Hope you find it useful.

Ileus and SBO Strategies

Discussion of ileus and SBO. More general surgery topics coming

MCIs and Disasters

Further discussion of handling MCIs and preparation for disasters. Happy Holidays. JY

Discussion of MCI from Alt Right Rally

My first hand description of our preparation and process that helped us manage the MCI this past Saturday. I want to thank everyone for their professionalism, knowledge, and skills that helped us manage this incident. JY

Kobiyashi Maru (for the Star Trek fans)

I present a no-win scenario. No matter what you do the patient is going to get sicker. Spans the time from 911 call to the ICU. Guest spot from Chewbacca and music from an album I made in the 90’s. Thanks for listening. JY