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Patient Safety for the Trauma Patient in the Field

Episode discussing patient safety concepts for the trauma patient in the real world.

Discussion of Cardiac Trauma

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UVA Trauma App for iphone and android

My son created an app for iphone and android available on the app store and Google Play. The name of the app is UVa Trauma. The app has our trauma protocols, checklists for major trauma situations, and links to the last 10 podcasts.
The username is uva, password is trauma, all lower case.
Hope you find it useful. JY

Perfect, is the drive toward perfection in healthcare helping or hurting

A discussion of the recent push toward eliminating adverse and safety events in healthcare. A great idea, but is it making things safer?

Expertise and Escalation

Discussion of expertise and escalation. Thanks for listening. JY

Medical Malpractice Process Part 1

Discussion of initial aspects of a medical malpractice case. Part 2 next week. Thanks for listening. JY


Discussion on new (not really) concepts in spinal immobilization and our perspective on it. Thanks for listening. JY

Hierarchies in Medicine and Surgery

A discussion of the key role hierarchies play in high risk fields. Thanks for listening. JY

Being a great student

My advice on how to stand out as a student in any medical area. Thanks for listening. JY

Order and Disorder

Discussion of the effects of disorder in clinical situations and the importance of bringing order and decreasing entropy to any critical situation.